EDITORIAL: Working together

The Mission Heritage Association and the District of Mission have formed a Fraser River Heritage Park transition team.

The Mission Heritage Association and the District of Mission have formed a transition team to smooth over any bumps in the road that may occur during the process of transferring the maintenance and operations of Fraser River Heritage Park.

You have to give the heritage association credit. The group’s love of the facility is clear, especially consdering association members were not happy when they discovered their contract was not being renewed at the end of the year.

There was obvious concern over the change and how it was handled.

Despite that, in order to ensure Fraser River Heritage Park remains “the jewel” of Mission, the association is taking part in the transition process.

The fact that the two parties can still work together raises the question of whether the association’s affiliation with the park is truly over.

As part of the district’s new parks governance idea, a parks advisory committee is to be formed.

That group will advise council on all of Mission’s parks – what programs may be needed, equipment, facilities. All of these topics will be discussed.

If the two sides are working together on the transition team, it would be appropriate if some members of the heritage association would be welcome on the new committee.

Granted, that is not as big a role as the group has had in the past, but the association could still have influence on how Fraser River Heritage Park, and all other parks, are operated.

It’s a gesture that could help restore a positive relationship between the district and heritage association.

When all is said and done, both parties want local parks to thrive.