Fear of offense leads to less interesting letters

Society in general has become shallow and selfish and craves conformity

Editor, The Record:

One of the last public areas for the exchange of ideas or comments is the letter to the editor sections of the newspapers. It’s the one area where people can state their ideas and reach others not normally in their own groups.

Sometimes to enlighten or, as often is the case when I’ve written to the papers, it’s to provoke and in the process perhaps push people out of their comfort zone. Give me a chance to go after organized religion and I’m in Heaven (pun intended).

But there is a chill in the air when it comes to the letter to the editor sections of papers. Political correctness demands we don’t make honest comments and instead neuters the language allowed lest someone gets offended.

We’ve become a totally shallow and selfish society that says it praises individuality but craves conformity.

No wonder the letters to the editor sections have become an endangered species.

I’ve zero interest in doing a blog, even assuming I knew how to start one which is not a safe assumption to make. Letters to the editors are upfront and personal. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Robert T. Rock