Fencing won’t keep dog in

Editor, The Record:

Maple Ridge has a dog park that is completely fenced in with a gate. Owners can bring their pooches with the peace of mind that their dog will be enclosed safely. It has gates and wire fencing.

Envious, I have been wishing for the same in Mission. While there are dog parks Centennial Park and Heritage Park, neither are fenced. However, the other day I noticed the Centennial dog park area was being fenced.

After a closer look, I realized the district used split-wood fencing, usually used for cattle. The fenced dog park has multiple gaps and there are no gates. It will only be of use to owners whose dogs cannot fit through the fence or dogs that are trained to a tee.

This will not be useful to myself as my dog is only 10 pounds. While he is still in his late puppy stages and does listen fairly well, if a squirrel happened to catch his attention, he would be off in no time, under the fence and possibly into oncoming traffic.

I’m sure I am not the only dog owner that would have the same problem. While I appreciate that the District of Mission has finally fenced this area, I wonder why this type of fencing was chosen.

I will not be able to bring my dog there and have peace of mind for his safety.

Sarah Bennett