Follow little boy’s example

Too much litter is discarded where it doesn't belong

Editor, The Record:

A little boy at the Mission Junction nearly gave me a heart attack recently as he ran out (as I was pulling in) to the car next to mine, to grab the newspaper that was lying on the cement under the tire.

My first thought was, it must be his paper. Wrong. This eager little boy was doing what I wish so many more people would do. He was picking up what he thought didn’t belong and placed it in the garbage receptacle.

At five years old (I’m guessing as i forgot to ask), he recognized the litter around him and wanted to do something about it. As his grandfather watched, he walked around collecting every piece of litter he could find and placed it in the garbage bin.

I was so touched with his gesture that I had to stop and congratulate him on his inspiring behaviour. As the Adopt-a-Block coordinator here in Mission, I notice more of the litter on roadways, streams, and parks then many, and I know the importance of reducing our waste and our litter in order to keep our community beautiful.

This little boy reminded me that it only takes a few minutes to make a big difference and good habits can start when you are very young, so show your children and your community that you care and lead by example. The next time you see litter that doesn’t belong, don’t walk by, get involved, show you care and place it where it belongs, in the garbage.

Kristin Parsons