Food waste bins a poor idea

Editor, The Record:

Ever since the District of Mission decided to introduce scrap food pick up at the curb by distributing those green garbage cans to the local masses, we have a new problem and it isn’t bears.

The citizens don’t want to store them in their garages or homes and I don’t blame them. Sure they are tamper proof, but they sure don’t deflect the sun’s rays, even if you place them in containment sheds. They are like an oven, as they stink to high heaven sitting in the sun heat rays attracting our smaller, four-legged friends, marking their territory as they travel by with its aroma drifting in our open windows at night.

Whose brainchild was it anyway to have this service in a community that is virtually in the foothills of the Rockies, where there is an abundance of animals around? This is not downtown Vancouver. In our environment, we are a heavily populated rural community, not an urban centre.

When you hand out something like this, the 80/20 rule applies. Only 20 per cent of the population is responsible enough to handle and keep these containers out of the sun, while the rest don’t.

Welcome to the “District of Skunk Hollow.”

Ron Wilkes