Good Samaritans appreciated

Editor, The Record:

I would like to thank some Good Samaritans. On Jan. 8, my car slid off the road at the east end of North Railway Avenue and into the brambly ditch, landing on its side.

I was unhurt but could not get out. A kind man banged on the car and said he would go for help. He returned with police and ambulance, climbed up onto the side (now at the top) of the car and braced the door open so I could clamber out without it dropping on me. A second man also climbed up and assisted me through the doorway (careful not to bump the first one and get us all injured) and his family assisted me up onto the roadway.

I am 76 and was more than a little shaken, to the extent that I did not get the names of any of the rescuers. They were wonderfully kind and helpful — and so were the police who attended the incident, but one tends to expect that of them. Thanks again, all.

Shirley Wiesehahn