Gov’t should ensure seniors are cared for

Editor, The Record:

While some politicians profess many ideas are not attainable at their level of politics, costs are paid for at community level, as all taxpayers electing representatives are the same people.

Apathy has prevailed. Low voter turnout and disenfranchisement among voters are factors that must be overcome in order to get more people out to vote.

Some important steps need to be taken such as:

Renew organization memberships, revitalize leadership and create renewed enthusiasm. This may mean cleaning house at each non-profit organization and level of government. It is crucial that all politicians recognize and treat seniors with respect and kindness, to make their continued existence in the workforce or volunteering as gainful and productive as possible.

Specifically, this is what I believe needs to happen:

1. B.C. must roll back senior care home costs recently imposed.

2. Homeowner grants must be significantly increased, at least tripled in amounts to assist seniors to keep family homes.

3. Pension entitlement determination must be vastly improved in that should a person attaining 65 years continue to work, at lower income, their entitlement dwindles significantly.

4. Income tax deductions for pensions received must be increased from $1,000.00 (provincially) and $2,000 (federally), to at least $ 10,000 each.

5. Funding taken away from non-profits and seniors must be restored and increased.

This November is our first opportunity to elect a more responsive municipal council, and eliminate the entitlement era to encourage a renewal of dedication and commitment to service in the platform of candidates seeking our important votes.

George Evens