Ill-behaved parents wrecked event for kids

Crowd's reaction at annual Easter egg hunt dismays letter writer

Editor, The Record:

Thank you to the Mission Elks, Save On Foods and all the wonderful volunteers who gave up their Easter Sunday for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Fraser River Heritage Park.

It is with great disappointment in many of the Mission residents that I write this letter. You people, and you know who you are, need to stay home from these events. This was for children and if you where a kid in amongst all those adults you were sure to be hurt.

So much pushing and shoving and not listening to the announcer I am ashamed to have been around such rude people. You wreck it for the kids, many of whom will never go back due to their parents who are also disgusted.

I would suggest to the great people who put this on to maybe spread it out a bit. It is a huge park and if you split it up the crowds won’t seem as bad and maybe it will be a bit easier to control.

Again, thank you for doing this for the kids, even though this insanity was present.

T. Forden