Increased competition needed in Canadian telecommunications

Customer service from some telecom providers is poor

Editor, The Record:

I am utterly sick of the outrageous costs of cellular telephone coverage, data plans and pretty much everything else associated with the Canadian telecommunications industry.

We are being gouged every which way. I get roaming charges on my phone when I am sitting in my own home.

I get billed for long-distance calls within the city in which I live, because somehow or other my phone is domiciled in New Westminster even though I do not currently and never have lived there.

The same services I get are almost twice as expensive as they would be if I lived 10 miles south in Washington State. That is absurd.

The attitudes displayed when I contact my provider are those of arrogance, condescension and greed. Customer service is very poor indeed, particularly if you are looking to get a less expensive plan.

It is time to allow much more competition in the telecommunications arena and to abolish two- and three-year contracts. In fact, I honestly don’t think that the contracts should be required at all.

Chris Ryan