Jaywalkers should be ticketed more

Editor, The Record:

Re: First Avenue Traffic needs some calming, Sept. 1 edition.

Is it really the traffic that needs calming?

As a local who has walked and driven First Avenue, I know there are plenty of crosswalks, and also enough 50 km/h speed signs.

When I walk First Avenue, I am smart enough to use a crosswalk, and as a driver, do the speed limit, if not slower. Many days it seems people are crawling along First in fear of people jaywalking, which happens far too often.

We should not have to crawl along at 20 km/h, if lucky, to get through four or five blocks. Or, in many cases, get lucky enough to do 40 km/h just to be flipped off by a pedestrian jaywalking.

Not only do they jaywalk, but they don’t even look to see if traffic is coming; as if they have every right to storm out into traffic without even looking and putting their safety into someone else’s hands.

So is it really the traffic that needs calming, or the pedestrians?

Maybe the fact that jaywalking is illegal should be enforced? If not for learning a lesson, for those people’s safety!

Bryana Palmer