Kamp’s response has been weak

Silence from other federal caucus members disgusts reader

Editor, The Record:

In the last decade the Conservative Party has behaved in the utmost disgusting manner and disregard for parliamentary process. The constant “deny and attack” tactics of Mr. Baird and others is shameful, but the silence from other caucus members is beyond disgusting.

To our MP, Randy Kamp, I have been waiting for you to speak out and take a firm stand on the scandal of Mike Duffy and the Prime Minister’s office. Your weak response of reforming the senate is bafflegab. The issue is a secret payment of $90,000 to Mr. Duffy.

Your participation in the Mission community are photo-ops golfing with MLA Randy Hawes and Mayor Ted Adlem, but little else.

Is it little wonder the taxpayer has contempt for politicians?

When challenged you all wrap yourselves in the flag of indignation saying that you work hard and sacrifice your lives. You chose to become a member of parliament along with all the others in your party. Your pensions will be your pot of gold at the end of your political career.

Mr. Kamp, your feeble scripted responses to any matter are very tiring. Your and fellow caucus members’ decency genes are perceived as lacking.

Claudia Evens