Keep concerns on point

Rockin River Festival would be held between hay crops

Editor, The Record:

Re: ALC has already said no, April 12, edition.

Why is it that so often facts get twisted to reinforce a point of view?

In the recent letter to the editor, S. Barker clearly shows an objection to the Rockin River Festival being held on the hay field adjacent to Nelson Avenue. She claims the land would be effectively prevented from agricultural use for 20 years if an annual 10-day exclusion from agriculture by the Agricultural Land Commission was granted to allow the festival on the property.

The fact is the festival would be held between hay crops, funding to improve the land would be committed, and there would be absolutely no interruption in the agricultural use or cycle of crops. Previous to the application to use this property for the festival, this property was solid blackberries for over 20 years and the owner cleaned it up and planted hay in anticipation of an approval for the festival.

The festival brings thousands of visitors to Mission and is a welcome boost for our local businesses. It also provides great entertainment for those who appreciate country music. If concerns about noise and traffic are the real worry, perhaps it would be helpful to discuss those, rather than some non-factual concerns about agriculture.

Randy Hawes