Kind acts restores faith in people

Editor, The Record:

On May 9, around 5 p.m., I was outside Starbucks in the Junction Mall with my husband, our friend, and our two dogs. My husband, Dave, handed me his wallet (as I had left my purse at home) and asked me to run into Save On Foods to grab some bread for dinner.

As well as the bread, I picked up some bananas, coffee, and chips. When I tried to pay my debit card came back insufficient funds. It really is embarrassing and awful.

The cashier had already put the few groceries in the bag. I told her I would be right back and I ran out to my husband, who was still sitting at Starbucks. I explained what happened, and asked him to go back inside to pay with a different card. He came back out a couple of minutes later with the bags.

The cashier had told him that the woman who had been behind me had paid for my groceries! No one does such unselfish acts anymore. I did not notice the woman standing behind me in line, and she never said a word when she must have walked past us upon leaving the store. She remains anonymous.

I was almost in tears when I learned what she had done for me, a complete stranger. And she gives me hope, because now I know there’s at least one kind, caring, unselfish person in the world today.

We could all learn from her, and I’m going to pay it forward.

Thank you, my dear lady!

Chanine Clarke