LETTER: Cedar Street construction endangers public

Roadwork has been sitting half-completed for two weeks

To the Mission City construction crews,

Although we saw the signs posted with mild apprehension, we had confidence the work you had planned from August 10-22 along Cedar Street, north of Tunbridge, would be completed well in advance of the start of the school year for Valley Christian School’s student population.

I understand the need for doing the construction in the summertime, but now it’s been sitting half-completed for 2 weeks! The sign was updated recently to indicate completion on August 30, but since I took the attached photos on Sept. 1, the sign has now changed to Sept. 20.

What this means is for the next month, my children and numerous other children are forced to walk on the actual road instead of a cleared shoulder. ┬áThe construction has piled dirt along the side and it’s difficult to walk along. We’ve witnessed people with strollers struggling through the loose dirt before moving onto the paved Cedar Street to continue walking.

So what’s the biggest risk here:

1. The number of children now forced to walk on the road as opposed to the relative safety of the shoulder?

2. The speed that people drive along Cedar Street through the new school zone?

3. The complete and total disregard the city has shown to the families and the school along the route?

The construction along Cedar Street is now a complete travesty! The delays and poor planning are now putting lives at risk. Anyone involved in this “plan” should feel ashamed of the work they’ve done.


Shane Elliott