LETTER: China not interested in our finished products

Climate deniers never had credible science on their side

Re: Building a refinery in Fort McMurray a smarter option, May 16 edition.

Art Green’s idea of building a refinery at the tar sands is the stuff of pipedreams.

China doesn’t want finished products, it wants the resource as is so that they can process it. Just as China only wants other raw resources from us and the rest of the world wherever they can get them.

To its credit, China is planning for long-range energy self-sufficiency in a post-fossil fuel world. Such long-range self-sufficiency in clean energy should be our goal for Canada.

Even if it was economically feasible to build a refinery at the tar sands, what would that solve? It doesn’t change the facts that developing the tar sands contributes greatly to global warming and the climate changes already happening around the world.

And no, don’t anyone bother telling me that global warming isn’t real when 97 per cent of climate scientists have done the math. The climate deniers are living sad, foolish lives within their twisted world of conspiracy theories and it’s time they were ignored.

That debate was over long before it began as the deniers never had credible science on their side. It’s long past the time that they were given the long walk of shame down a short pier. But enough about Tom Fletcher.

Robert T. Rock


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