LETTER: Coun. Hensman should resign

Over the years, I have never had reason to doubt the truth...

Over the years, I have never had reason to doubt the truth of what Neal Boorty said that religion is all too often a refuge for scoundrels. Anyone who has read my rants on organized religion shouldn`t be surprised by that truth which has guided my opinions on politicians professing religion long before Coun. Hensman came onto the scene.

So is Coun. Hensman a scoundrel? I can`t honestly say one way or the other in regards to the alleged conflict of interest over a lease in a prime piece of real estate located in the middle of the proposed revitalization of downtown Mission.

The reason I can`t say is because he, the mayor, and Coun. Nundal blocked an arms-length investigation by the BC Supreme Court:  a bone-headed move in civil politics if I ever heard of one.

Those three amigos working together ensured that this issue isn`t going away and will – as noted by others – be tried in the court of public opinion.

Unfortunately for Coun. Hensman, he just doesn`t know when to quit talking, as now we had a letter in The Record from him decrying that his good name and reputation is being attacked. And most absurdly of all, claiming that religion and human rights are being attacked by making some bizarre link with schoolyard bullying. The fact that religion itself is the first to trample on human rights makes his claims all the more foolish sounding.

Despite the “charm offence” from the mayor, the ability of the council to function will remain in shambles. For that reason, I agree that a councillor should indeed immediately resign, but that person must be Coun. Hensman himself. He needs to put his sizable ego to one side in the best interests of our city and practise some of that humility he preaches from his bully pulpit.

Robert T. Rock