LETTER: Defend Canada against Harper’s agenda

Stop the neo-cons from using this tragedy to further erode civil liberties in this country

After the despicable, cowardly act which took place in Ottawa in which a young life full of promise was cut short by a lone gunman, theories abound as to what could have motivated the killer. I certainly have mine and I`m sure you do as well. But it`s wrong to make snap judgements which may harm this entire country for decades to come.

There was a timely study released by the Pew Research group which showed the difference between Conservative thinkers – and I use the term loosely – and more Liberal thinkers. And that difference is that Conservative-minded people rely more on propaganda through outlets like Fox News than do more Liberal-minded people who are willing to take the time to learn the facts and deal with reality.

Neo-con Harper has already turned the murder of the young corporal into a political action as he has already said that the attack was ISIS-like, which it surely was not. But what better way to silence his critics and promote his fight against ISIS.

To truly honour Corporal Cirillo, people who deal in reality not propaganda must stand up to Harper and stop the neo-cons from using this tragedy to further erode civil liberties in this country. Harper will try to turn this needless death to his advantage in order to further dismantle our Liberal democracy.

Corporal Cirillo died defending Canada, we shame his legacy if we fail to defend Canada against Harper`s agenda which has already done far more damage to our country than a lone gunman could do.

Rest in Peace, Corporal Cirillo.

Robert T. Rock