LETTER: Development will change area forever

Project on Hurd and 7th Ave. doesn’t sit well with at least one reader

The development of property on Hurd and 7th Ave. approved by mayor and council changes our neighbourhood forever.

These people who were voted in to help the people of Mission have a weird way of showing it, allowing a development that breaches both height and size rules because of more rental units dangled by a profit making developer.

This will change our area and not for better having this deal dominate and literally blocking the morning sun to many homes.

What’s most discerning is lack of debate on behalf of long time tax payers in favour of potential newcomers and profit.

Watching the council meeting showed a callous demeanor towards our neighbourhood as no facts were presented on what a development within standard codes would look like.

So they noted not wanting to risk developer backing out with rental suites and gave the go ahead.

This sets a bad precedent moving forward having council being manipulated by a developer to forsake long-time citizens and building standards.

Alan Pedersen