LETTER: Disgusted and disappointed over council’s animal shelter decision

The council did nothing and so we have the major issues of today.

In response to the recent report of the refusal of the District of Mission to accept the proposal outlined by the Fraser Valley Humane Society for a  much-needed facility to protect and help the unwanted and neglected animals of Mission, I hereby submit my letter of disgust, disappointment, and anger.

The FVHS has administered care, medical attention, protection, hope, and compassion to thousands of “disposable” cats over the 14 years that they have been in operation – working on a “shoestring budget” and relying on the kind hearts of the residents of Mission to open their wallets to help these poor, unfortunate animals.

We have  worked long and hard to present various fundraising events yearly to cover as much of the expenses as we can.

I understand that we are not all animal lovers which was quite obvious at the above-mentioned council meeting – Coun. Nundal especially.

In 1995, council was given the option to open a facility which would eradicate the problems which we are now facing in epidemic proportion. You could have put in place a spay and neuter program (trap, neuter, and release program) which would have alleviated  the “kitten boom” problem which is crippling our shelters.

You could have passed bylaws and enforced them so that animals were protected by law, and their owners made accountable, thus making it illegal for people to drop off kittens at their local shelters and and walk away from all responsibility.

However, the council did nothing and so we have the major issues of today.  We greatly appreciate the Fee For Service that we receive each year but we are unable to continue with rental increases, medical cost increases, utility increases, insurance costs – the list goes on.

The attitude of our council members and our former MLA speaks volumes. In your minds animals are not worthy of help. I believe that every one of the council should be made to attend the shelter and see firsthand what it deals with on a daily basis.

Seeing firsthand kittens and a mother suffocated in a bucket left on the shelter doorstep anonymously, cats tortured and left to die, cats shot with pellet guns, eyes missing, tails cut off, legs and pelvises broken due to abuse, HIV – how many of you could experience that without feeling some emotion?

In closing, I respectfully request that the Mission council reassess the Fraser Valley Humane Society Proposal and work with the shelter to once and forever address the critical issues at hand.

Jan Longmore