LETTER: Don’t blame workers

Right-wing agenda and policies have created difficulties

In response to Bob Trustham’s letter on May 2, as a proud union member, I take it very personal that he places all of the district’s poor financial accountability on the backs of the CUPE members here in Mission.

I find it very offensive and disrespectful to once again read a letter blaming the workers for any of this. It is this type of right-wing thinking that has gotten municipalities and other governments in financial trouble. It is their right-wing agenda and policies that have created this mess.

Stop blaming the working middle class. We did not create these problems. Good-paying jobs, not only in the public sector, are good for the local economy.

Our elected politicians need to follow this simple guideline: Tax fairly, spend wisely and regulate to protect the people. Make your politicians accountable, at all levels of government.

Rob Lamoureux, Mission