LETTER: Event will now be an annual family outing

Mission's folk festival an inspiring, comforting and joyful event

Re: Mission Folk Music Festival.

I’ve been living in Vancouver for 20 years now and this weekend was the first time my family and I had a chance to visit Mission. We had heard about the Mission Folk Music Festival (MFMF) and knew some of the performers so we decided to take the short drive and take in the event.

Being a long-time musician and member of the Canadian music industry for several decades now, I have to say that I and my family were overwhelmed with the incredible joyfulness and open-heartedness that we all experienced. It was inspiring, comforting, joyful and so very amazing.

We have the Vancouver Folk Festival here – an awesome event in itself, and having now experienced the MFMF, I can tell you that we were blown away by the performances, the atmosphere, the genuine kindness of the people, the warm community, and the event itself. Not only was the music wonderful, but there was space with and around the people to enjoy an uncrowded community with a schedule of events seeming to flow like a well-written script of a classic story, a book you can’t put down, a movie you are drawn to the edge of your seat from the excitement of just being there. It was a joy we won’t soon forget, and one we will certainly tell our friends and family about, and return to as an annual family event.

Thank you for the wonderful people, community and spirit that makes Mission the beautiful place it is, and the Mission Folk Music Festival the enlightening and joyful event that it so clearly is.

Mark Fenster and family