LETTER: Fishermen need to clean up after themselves

Huge amount of discarded fishing line left along the beach

I have recently been enjoying walking my dogs along by the river in Matsqui Trail Regional Park; a beautiful spot to go for an early morning walk.

I am appalled, however, by the huge amount of discarded fishing line left along the beach. I, as a dog owner, have a responsibility to clean up after a dog and I do. Surely fisherman have this same responsibility.

The line that they leave lying around is not only a littering offense, it is dangerous and harmful to the wildlife of the area and when the tide rises it can also get washed into the river continuing to cause harm along its journey.

One of my dogs got tangled in a big clump of line, which I disposed of in one of the many bins located throughout the park. On another occasion I had to pull some line out of my dog’s throat.

We are privileged to live in such a beautiful place and it is our duty to take care of it. How hard can it be to pick up the old fishing line when you are done with  it, along with any other garbage you may have and put it in your bag, tackle box or garbage bin?

I know there are rangers patrolling this area, why are they not monitoring this better?

This park, along with many others in the area, is a wonderful, natural facility for us all to enjoy, not abuse.

Come on you fisherman, do the right thing and clean up after yourselves!


Karen Huish