LETTER: Four issues need council attention

The District of Mission mayor and council must go back to the drawing board.

Citizens of Mission temperatures are becoming hotter than the recent hot spell and draught endured, at the disingenuous comments from council but equally the intransigence to not assess facts carefully, a disturbing trend is unfolding.

First the foolhardy motion to relocate dog animal control to the FVRD, a one hour drive away, which causes inconvenience. It will negate visionary maximizing use of the five acre district-owned property, to one day incorporate cat control and animal education centre for a growing community.

More than 800 citizens voters signed a petition, but  Council ignore all having the audacity to use a worn-out cliché, “In interest of taxpayers”.

Second foolhardy notion is to cease the approximately 30 year relationship with Mission Heritage Park Association. Being blindsided, the MHA board has resisted the bullying attempt and a growing numbers of citizens are fighting this injustice, an affront to volunteers.

The Astronomy Society president decried the mayor’s statement of no support as untrue. An expert report provided, created a flawed hypothesis and thus results did not correctly describe facts from the volunteer and donation model used, so what justification can council manufacture now?

Third foolhardy decision to erect a skateboard park on the east side of the leisure centre property, already prompted a resident complaint but one may ask why not just redevelop on the existing site and the $200,000.00 cost raises questions of priority.

The fourth foolhardy  unacceptable delays establishing a new seniors’ activity centre, co-incidentally incorporating the same skate park property.

As a seniors’ advocate since 2005, I have been trying to get more than lot of lip-service and procrastination by moribund council and some seniors’ leaders but how many dedicated seniors’ have we lost?  A centre, not as a few claim in a multigenerational setting but as I advocate, a centre governed by and for seniors exclusively, with sole option to offer space to others.

The citizens’ growing frustration stems from the fact in a democracy we elect people who have offered to serve the public interests, we hope they are educated and informed and capable of making sound judgment and decisions responding to public interests and needs.

The District of Mission mayor and council must  go back to the drawing board thus rescind all plans to relocate the dog control to FVRD, restore governance to the current Heritage Park Board, to institute plans for a new seniors’ activity centre and housing complex adjacent the Leisure Centre.


George Evens