LETTER: Grow ops polluting local housing market

Taking a passive stance is not actually being passive at all

Our much-loved council says it is adopting a “passive” stand on home grow-op fixes, which actually is not passive at all. Because, in siding against protecting homebuyers, it is actually lending de facto support to the blight of grow-ops polluting the local housing market.

Coun. Jenny Stevens boldly claims that hell will freeze over before the doomed PSIT program ever comes back to Mission. At least, unlike hell, that idea has a microscopic chance of happening before any freezing happens in a place that mostly existed in the disturbed mind of Dante in his Inferno.

Now some councillors either thought, or pretended to think, that by opposing PSIT in the last municipal election they were somehow fighting for democracy, truth, justice, and the Canadian way.

I would argue that they were simply being political optimists hamming it up for the Vancouver media as they saw their chance to do political damage to the previous council under Mayor James Atebe.

As for comments by Mayor Ted Adlem and Coun. Dave Hensman, on what constitutes a “typical” number of staff fleeing the district, or on PSIT being a four-letter word in this community as claimed by Hensman, I hope that neither of those two gentlemen have any delusions that I am that stupid as to buy into their self-interest spin-doctoring.

It’s all just more examples of some on council covering their own backsides rather than doing right by the citizens.

Robert T. Rock