Letter: Independent thinking

Looking beyond the slate for independent voices on council

Many in Mission received their second instalment of the “Mission Messenger” and sadly it epitomizes what the public would characterize as an old boys’ network.

The glaring gender bias of no women represented sends a message of coldness and an emphasis on pages of math and numbers and bafflegab about “cost of living alert” mostly irrelevant, clearly lacking compassion and desire for an inclusive community.

Too much focus upon numbers, no tax increase and an obvious outcome being lack of sustainability, so that in short order amenities, infrastructures and planned growth will falter as there will be no funds to pay the bills. But CRMG will still claim, no tax increase to counter improper budgeting.

The other anomaly is during his inaugural speech Mayor Adlem promised a timely response to seniors’ need for an activity centre.  However, now going into the fourth year, only a seniors’ task force has made recommendations. Seniors still bemoan, no centre yet and wonder if it will occur in our lifetime? Yet, there is the mayor making more promises to get the massive seniors’ vote. Seniors will likely vote for an independent who will keep their timely promise.

The other glaring mistruth CRMG alludes to are un-named “self-interests” which is a red herring at best and that independents cannot deliver what a team will.  Two independents, Tony Luck and Jeff Jewell were star candidates, and instrumental in any CRMG success. They with others will still deliver on platform promises and simply, while a slate can achieve a desired result and did, the traditional independent candidate is still a viable means to elect competent people.

As well, public debate, transparency and open-minded Independent councils may often be preferred to a sometimes biased  team decision that does not reflect community values or permit dissension among the team itself. This last term, four members voted non-confidence in the mayor, and Mission citizens do not welcome a repeat of this by the same leadership or self-interested trio of incumbents seeking re-election.

There are several very talented women candidates who should be elected, given proven performance and it is incongruous why CRMG making such boastful claims have not displayed the wisdom to embrace these women into the team.  Thus, if for no other reason, than to achieve some gender neutrality, the old boys’ team as posed will not meet the overall needs of citizens this time.


George Evens