LETTER: ‘Insulting and berating’ those with opposing views

Most certainly it would have been accurate to attribute “repetitive dribble” to councils and mayors.

How insulting and disrespectful of Randy Hawes to recall “night after night of repetitive dribble”(sic), when scores of speakers spoke against the proposed mega development slated for Silverhill and Silverdale.

The majority presented well thought-out submissions, raised many good points and basic questions, which were just tossed aside as irrelevant and certainly never answered honestly by council or Genstar/Madison.

Most certainly it would have been accurate to attribute “repetitive dribble” to councils and mayors.

Almost to a man, all who supported the proposed development were realtors and neighbouring property owners whose only thought was the big financial rewards that they expect  would flow from being included into the proposed urban area of 3,400 acres.

Obviously, the environmental damage was not on their radar screen, as opposed to all those who spoke in opposition.

Fundamentally, all development certainly will destroy all in its path as developers are like locusts with money being their only goal.

Through the last 100 years, in particular, people have died in their millions to defend the right of free expression yet Randy Hawes dismisses anyone who opposes his views by insulting, and berating them.

Verbal bullying indeed!

In the tax year 2013-2014 the Genstar/Madison lands only generated under $200,000 in tax revenue, which equates to about $200 an acre so how does the value of $200 million square up?

Both figures cannot be right as either Mission is owed a lot of taxes or Mission residents are entitled to a big tax refund.

Considering the Genstar/Madison lands were obtained 30–40 years ago for peanuts, and they  are now “flipping” the entire acreage, if there are not enough billions of profit in the proposed development as it is now, just how could any other developer make sufficient billions if they have to buy the land for $100 million to $200 million?

As a matter of correctness, drivel should have replaced dribble!



Jeanette Smith,