LETTER: Let’s keep our trails maintained and clean

Pollution should be a major concern for this community.

As a citizen of Mission for my 23 years, I have found that our district has not done what it has needed to do in order to protect our natural surrounding.

While out at Norrish Creek today, I came across a group of nice guys who were casually swimming. We were all up in the northern area of Norrish Creek where there was this old cable car. Many a times I have seen people go on this cable car and use it but that is beside the point.

These strangers that I met informed me that last week, some contractors had come up to the cable car to cut it down so that people could not use it.

This does not frustrate me, what frustrates me is that a week later the cable car is still left on the ground with no signs that an effort has been made to move it. This is not the first time I have noticed that maintenance and contract work has been lazy and reckless.

As an avid hiker, many trails require maintenance and many get it. However, whatever materials remain are often tossed off into the bushes, whether it be boards with nails in them, metal wires or poles, and some times even unused screws or nails.

The contractor companies of Mission need to be held accountable because not only do we have the average citizen littering their garbage in our scenic areas, but we have people who are being paid to go and litter and last time I checked that was against the law.

Myself and those around me feel that it is up to the city of Mission to at least get such materials removed from the forest or swimming areas. If the district of Mission had a hand in the matter that is fine so long as they finish the job and clean up the trash. If pollution is not a major priority of our municipality, then what does that have to say about the people who live here?


Dylan Gaffney