LETTER: Managers should live in the district

Implement points system when interviewing new managers

Re: District staff departures draw concerns, April 4, 2014

The local paper has been rife with the negative happenings related to Mission council lately.

I, having been a regular council attendee, can attest that the negative behaviours started shortly after this council was elected. I have witnessed the bullying and the public humiliation heaped on local, well-meaning taxpaying citizens. This was lead mostly by the mayor and piled on by some councillors. I have also observed demeaning comments to and about some staff members in front of the public.

Has this behaviour contributed to the inordinate number of staff turnovers? The Record piece points to morale, distance to travel, retirement, and moving on, etc.

One suggestion to improve the staffing situation of hiring managers would be to implement a points system that would allow points for various attributes such as experience, education, demeanour, etc. One important qualification that could garner points should be “living and paying taxes in Mission,” or the intent to do so within the probation period, as several managers live out of town where taxes are possibly less. I know you can’t force employees to live, pay taxes and shop where they receive their income. However, the optics of the very people (managers) who have a huge impact on influencing the budget, which in turn sets the taxes, not even paying taxes here are troublesome.

The Chamber of Commerce should get behind this idea as I am sure they would agree those working, playing and paying taxes in Mission are more apt to show allegiance to, and interest in, the community as well as supporting local business.

With regards to council civility, the district could implement a course in anger management and respectful treatment of citizens for those in positions of power.

T.B. Mortimer