LETTER: Mission should clamp down on excessive noise

Municipality should follow the lead of other cities in Canada

It was an interesting experience dealing with cyber bullies the other week over the nerve of me saying I appreciated the peace and quiet this summer with Mission Raceway Park closed for repairs.

This letter is to thank them for encouraging me to be all the more determined in voicing my opinions about the racetrack, as the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and appeasement is not my style.

I’ve been reading about other more enlightened jurisdictions, like Calgary and Edmonton, which have done something about noise pollution coming from vehicles on their streets. They’ve done it by passing bylaws aimed at both motorcycles with modified mufflers and excessively loud cars.

No discrimination, just equal treatment and heavy fines to reduce the noise levels in their communities. Their plan was so brilliant that I have to wonder why we’ve never had a municipal council in Mission that has enacted similar rules. That is a rhetorical question, sad to say.

In a perfect world we would be electing progressive people who know that there are other more important values in society than the bottom line. And in that perfect world I would see no reason why an effective ban on excessive noise from any type of vehicle on our public roads and highways should not then be applied with equal force to the Mission racetrack.

Come November, do we decide to continue living in the past with retread politicians or follow the lead of other more progressive jurisdictions in dealing with social issues like noise polluters and their toys?

Robert T. Rock