LETTER: No support for FVHS’ request

Licences should be sold for those who own cats as well

Editor, The Record:

In response to the municipal council’s decision regarding the rejection of the Fraser Valley Humane Society’s (FVHS) request for a new facility, no, I do not support this.

I have been paying for my two dogs to be licensed, supposedly funding animal control. I have repeatedly urged council to consider applying a licence to cats to promote responsible ownership.

This massive amount of money that could support such an upgrade would hopefully solve both problems. I don’t want animal excrement in my garden any more than anyone wants it on their lawn. For the FVHS to rely mostly¬†on donations, then so should animal control. The law regarding cats and dogs domesticated or a feral animal hasn’t been addressed since the 1980s.

A new generation is in office and should reflect growth. This is further evidence that the Mission municipality has a cat problem. Eventually something has to be done about it.

Kris McDonald