LETTER: Others at risk due to parents’ decisions

Keep unvaccinated kids at home until outbreak has passed

Re: Choosing whether to vaccinate is a personal decision, March 21 edition.

Comparing breastfeeding to vaccinations has to be the lamest analogy I’ve ever heard.

Last time I checked, breastfeeding was not contagious. If I, however, decide to send my Grade 2 child to school with a loaded gun in his/her backpack for show and tell, my child would be turfed and I would be in the slammer before midnight – and rightly so – because all would be there for everyone to see.

The non-vaccinated child does not have a sign on their back stating that fact, so the parents of that child are playing Russian roulette with my child’s health.

Your choice not to vaccinate stops at the inside of your front door. Do not put others at risk because of your misguided decisions.

Keep your kids at home until this outbreak has passed.

Or, heaven forbid, get them vaccinated. Your decision to put others at risk is uncaring, thoughtless, and downright frightening.

The Big Guy upstairs that I talk to has never advised me to be either of these, and I doubt he has you either.

James Pratt