Letter patronizes cyclists

Editor, The Record:

Re: Certain areas designated as bike route unsafe for cyclists, July 14 edition.

Mr. Muir’s letter presents arguments that are both nonsensical and, frankly, partronizing to cyclists.

A road does not have to have a wide shoulder to make cycling safe — the Trans Canada Highway has a lovely wide shoulder, but does anyone think it would be a safe cycling route?

Cyclists stay safe by using the same skills we use as motorists or motorcyclists — riding defensivley and obeying the rules of the road.

My bicycle commute to work from Mission to Maple Ridge is neither “difficult” nor “dangerous” just because much of my route has little or no shoulder. Bicycles are not fragile toys that need to be separated from traffic — we are traffic.

I think the district’s signage helps raise awareness of that. It is obvious from Mr. Muir’s letter that he is not fan of the “current administration,” but I would ask that he not use cyclists as pawns in his campaign. His letter does a disservice to both logic and cyclists.

Clint Coffey