LETTER: People grow up having choices

Money should be put towards cleaning up District of Mission

I read the article about bringing back the needle exchange and I fully disagree with it.

The article said people don’t grow up wanting to be drug addicts, but they do grow up with choices.

These people grow up knowing what the drugs can do to them and yet they still choose to do it. I manage properties and I’m tired of finding used, dirty needles on the grounds. I’m worried about walking my dog at the parks in this town for fear she will step on a needle. Addicts do not care where they shoot up and have no respect whatsoever for anyone else. I am embarrassed to live in this town now. First Avenue looks like the slums, and near Park Street, it looks even worse.

Put the money towards cleaning this town up. These people could care less if they have a clean needle or not. They are beyond that now.

Beth Gillis