LETTER: People of Mission have moved forward

'Recycling' of politicians will not benefit the community

Recycling garbage can bring future benefits, but recycling politicians is like going back to 20th-century thinking.

It is time for Randy Hawes to go off into the sunset years. Sadly, Mission endured countless years of partisan politics, self-important views and positions on most any issue. Anger emerged over wrong gravel pit plans to erosion at Mission Memorial Hospital. And worse, political posturing caused a massive divide in the community that we still live with today.

The people of Mission deserve the opportunity to elect leaders with vision and compassion to witness the building of a more age-friendly community.

As one of the architects of the now imploding slate of CRMG candidates, Hawes was loudly touted by Mayor Ted Adlem as his hero, yet Hawes is now trying to distance himself. Hawes dismisses the inept actions of his handpicked slate which further epitomizes his lack of good sense and judgment. Now he wants back at the trough.

Frankly, the people of Mission have moved forward.

George F. Evens