LETTER: Pride and respect for members of military

Realize the dedication of men and women who join armed forces


I would like to make a comment about a scene I observed last evening as I was leaving the Royal Canadian Legion, after a rousing evening of bingo.

As I was puling out of the parking lot to leave, I observed two young men standing by the cenotaph. My first thought is they must be there for no good deed as it is so close to Halloween. I continued to observe them for a moment as I wasn’t sure if they were a couple of the homeless that frequent  the area.

It was absolutely pouring outside and must have been very uncomfortable for these two young men standing there.

I quickly realized that these boys had laid two cellophane bunches of flowers on the base of the memorial, and that although they were wearing ordinary clothes, they must be military personnel.

I immediately felt a pang of sadness over my first thoughts that were quickly changed into a feeling of pride and respect over the dedication of these young men.

That one moment in time has made me rethink the feelings and beliefs I have had about our Canadian military for far too long.

I now realize the dedication of all the men and women who join, their love and devotion to each other, and the sacrifices their families sometimes have to make to keep us all safe in what is becoming a very scary world.

God bless you all. I’m proud.

Donice McNee