LETTER: Pro-pot heads blowing smoke

This gateway drug has done far too much damage to individuals

The marijuana Magic Mystery Tour showed up at the mall recently with their petition and was promptly given the boot. In case you missed it they are the pro pot heads wanting possession to be legalized. I`ve listened to their reasons to force a vote but as far as I`m concerned they just blowing blue smoke.

For one thing, I am no more likely to listen to those hooked on pot than I would listen to an alcoholic singing the praises of being drunk.

Even those touting medical marijuana are so full of self-interest that they are hardly impartial citizens. And no more credible for all their beliefs than those silly females I had to listen to in the coffee shop talking about the beneficial power of crystals as if it were factual.

Even if I were to agree that the current war on drugs, including pot, isn`t working, that doesn`t mean we should run up the white flag either. Not when we know the addiction it can cause and yes, in too many cases, it does lead to harder drugs and to say otherwise would be not truthful.

I`m quite liberal on many issues but never on this one as this gateway drug has done far too much damage to individuals and their loved ones. Nor do I want the government tax department getting rich from its legalization any more than I accept the criminal element getting rich from its current illegal status.

Robert T. Rock