LETTER: Same dedication by city for park care?

Over the last 25 years I have seen so many changes at Fraser River Heritage Park...

Over the last 25 years I have seen so many changes at Fraser River Heritage Park.

This is all because of the staff and volunteers. When anyone visits the park the people working there are always ready to talk to you.

I first think of the gardens. The rhododendrons  have looked better every year. They moved some from a property and the plants have done well, with lots of care.

Then there’s the garden plots with plants along the walk way and entrance. All the plants were donated from people in the community. The dahlias this year were all donated. Thank you to the Girl Guides who recently planted shrubs at the park.

The rose garden looks fantastic this year. Thanks to those who look after it.

The garden bed around the witch hazel tree by the Blackberry Cafe changes all the time. What a lot of time planning.

Then there are all the events that happen at the park. The Twilight Concert Series continues with so many volunteers.

A big thank you to all the people who look after the lawns. I still marvel at those who cleared the blackberries on the hillside. They kept the fruit trees. All this was done without the District of Mission.

Now the mayor and those at city hall want to run things.

All the other parks can’t compare with FRHP. They have wanted Heritage Park for a long time. The district has a union and I wonder if things will change at the park. Are the people from city hall just as dedicated?

Would they, working under a union, have cleared all the blackberries and brush from the hillside, overlooking the park? That’s something to think about.


Lynne Diewert