LETTER: Standing on guard for Canada

Send a strong message to those who would divide us

Re: Terrorist attack on Canadian soil. Say it like it is, no more sugar coating!

As Canadians we are, overall, a peace-loving people. We don’t go looking for the fight but when the fight finds us, we don’t back up and we don’t back down.

It’s time for politicians to wake up, step up and do the right thing to protect our country, our people and our way of life.

The senseless and tragic murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, the wounding of other innocents and the attempt to murder our legislators in the people’s House has shaken us all to the core, but as Canadians, with the world watching, we will stand together and send a strong message to those who would divide us – not happening!

Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


Ann & Larry Cardus