LETTER: Support for FVHS must continue

Volunteers needed daily at North Railway cat shelter

I’ve lived, worked and volunteered in Mission for 15 years. We live in a thriving and growing community. With growth not only comes more individuals and families to our small city, but domestic animals.

The Fraser Valley Humane Society is our local cat shelter. They offer a tremendous service to our community. Domesticated animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. are usually well loved and cared for by their caregivers or owners. But some (too many) treat animals with mush less care. Everyday, domestic animals are abandoned, mistreated, malnourished and worse.

The humane society for years has offered shelter, veterinary care, nourishment and safety to these animals. They also seek to educate the community on the importance of neutering and spaying your families pet. There are so many animals at shelters that need a home. Only with the support of volunteers and donations from the community and a very small budget from city council is the shelter in existence. They need more.

Volunteers are needed everyday at the shelter. Also, that one time donations and monthly donations are dearly needed so that medication, food, litter, and more need to be purchased to keep the animals healthy until they find their new home.

Visit the shelter. Come and see the good work they do to help these animals in need. The shelter is in danger of closing without much needed and continued donations and support. If just 300 people (0.1 per cent of Mission’s population) donated $20 a month, the shelter could help more cats and kittens return to health and safety.

Give back to your community and please help those who can’t speak for themselves.

Norine Longmire