LETTER: Ten Heritage Park suggestions

LETTER: Ten Heritage Park suggestions

Thou shalt listen to those who advise you in thy search for truth and justice.

The Ten Commandments of Effective Leadership:

1. I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me. (Is Randy Hawes the strange god?)

2. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours’ property (Fraser River Heritage Park).

3. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbours’ goods and property (buildings, cash, real estate, machinery etc. at the park).

4. Thou shalt not exaggerate the amount of thy so-called financial losses. (Estimate for uncompleted work at the park is several times higher than the MHA would spend with its volunteers doing the work!)

5. Thou shalt not demean thy fellow contributors by denigrating their status (referring to their activities as “amateur hour at the park”).

6. Thou shalt treat thy fellow employees with both humility and dignity.

7. Thou shalt not murder the observatory project, for it will serve the community well (you proclaimed the project “dead”) but its death has been much overrated.

8. Thou shalt not look gift horses in the mouth regarding the observatory  ($100,000 from the provincial government and $20,000 from Morning Rotary). Above monies must be returned to donors if not used for specified purposes.

9. Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Day holy and use it for soul-searching and self-improvement.

10. Final words: Thou shalt listen to those who advise you in thy search for truth and justice. Thou shalt not meet in sheltered, dark nor clandestine places (in-camera meetings). In all that you do, thou shalt seek light, transparency and clarity.


Bill McAuley