LETTER: Think about shut-ins getting their mail

Door-to-door delivery changing to community mailboxes

I am writing about the changing of house-to-house mail delivery to community mailboxes in Mission.

I understand why rural areas have community boxes because, first, the houses are spread apart, and second, they are spread in a wide area. But in the city, the houses are close. Also, we pay higher taxes in the city.

I am also concerned about all the mail carriers being dismissed and I wonder where the postal union is. What are they doing about it?

In a few years, I may be in the class of “shut-ins” and I can see myself taking a taxi two or three blocks to get the mail. Mission is hilly and that makes it worse to walk to a community box. The people making this change are getting older and perhaps they will get into the group of shut-ins. They should think ahead. If they break a leg, it may be tomorrow.

M. Thomas