LETTER: Too much in one place

No reason to group all buildings in small space at Mission park

I recently visited Mission for three weeks. Having lived in that area for many years, I was delighted to notice how upscale and attractive the downtown area looked despite the closed businesses.

Kudos to the Mission Downtown Business Association for all their efforts. However, I was hugely disappointed when I attended Fraser River Heritage Park on Canada Day.

I was aghast at what was happening in what was once an attractive tea shop and gathering place. Norma Kenney House was a wonderful concept, and to see it being so desecrated appalled me. With more than 40 acres of space, why (other than engineering and/or utility issues) would anyone agree to increase congestion in that area?

A restaurant for the talents of our marvellous chef, yes. Larger washrooms, yes. An observatory, maybe. But surely not all lumped together in a mish-mash as I observed. Whoever made the decision this must have been mad. Was anyone at municipal hall or the public consulted? I suspect not. Please act before it is too late, and remedy this travesty.

Iris Todd-Lewis