LETTER: Useless noise from climate deniers

Science behind global warming and the resulting effects of climate change are provable facts


Tom Fletcher does seem to like using “inconvenient truth” a lot even though it is himself that glosses over the facts and reality of global warming which are inconvenient to his own rants. But at least he has consistency going for him with his latest column about the pine beetle if nothing else.

Sorry Tom, but the science behind global warming and the resulting effects of climate change are provable facts now. It is not us who fight against fossil fuel who engage in “quasi-religious faith” as science doesn’t take anything on faith. Facts and observations are what science is all about as it seeks answers that, unlike the way Fletcher sees things, aren’t filtered through either political or commercial interests as he does.

Thankfully, Fletcher’s not too subtle agenda is pretty easy to see through if you aren’t part of his diminishing following as the message from the world’s climate scientists is getting through despite all the useless noise from such climate deniers.

By the way, Tom, if you knew anything about the cause of last winter’s destructive polar vortex – which clearly you don’t – you would know that that extreme weather pattern fits in with what climate change predicted. And no amount of uniformed drivel will change that fact. That you included your antidotal observation about it being cold where you were just shows you don’t understand the difference between climate changes and day to day weather.

You could have been honest – perish the thought – about your attack on those battling the pipelines by claiming that more oil seeps naturally into the world’s oceans every year but you choose to give us your standard reliance on half-truths and never the whole truth so help you tar sands.

Yes, there is oil seepage occurring, especially in the Caribbean for instance. But the inconvenient truth for you about that seepage is that it is natural, not from one source, and is diluted by the water allowing bacteria to take care of it, and doesn’t destroy all life over vast areas as did the BP oil disaster which is still doing so years later.

I came across a word that describes Fletcher’s style of writing perfectly:  Jackassery. Jackassery is when someone says or writes something that on the surface looks intelligent but, when it is examined more closely, it is exposed as the stuff of nonsense. Yes, the term jackassery fits all climate deniers perfectly and Fletcher in particular.

Robert T. Rock