LETTER: Wages too high for ferry union workers

More than 900 union workers making over $75,000 a year

Re: Managers should take pay cut, Nov. 28 edition.

I find reading comments like Lilian’s insulting and annoying as she makes comments without doing any research on the topic before shooting from the hip.

She mentions that CEOs and managers have to take a pay cut. What about the union workers? Presently there are more than 900 union employees that are making more than $75,000 per year in wages with a 100 per cent fully funded benefits plan paid for by the taxpayers.

A gift shop cashier is paid $24.49 per hour, ticket attendant at boarding booth, $24.85 per hour, coffee shop attendant, $23.35 per hour, and a third cook, $27.51 per hour. These union employees will also receive pay increases on April 1, 2014, and April 1, 2015.

In comparison to the United Steelworkers union contract, a green chain puller in the sawmill is paid $25.93 per hour and a logging choker man is paid $26.94 per hour. The union rates of pay on BC Ferries are outrageous in comparison to United Steelworkers workers who have jobs that can cause bodily injuries.

If ferry management wages have to be frozen, then the B.C. Ferry union workers can do the same.

Joe Sawchuk