LETTER: Well done, Team Mission

All the good that has happened all comes down to team work

Editor, The Record:

Well done team.

It started with Judo, then curling, gymnastics and badminton. By the time I watched the Fraser Valley Girl’s hockey team score two goals in their games first period I was more excited than watching a Stanley Cup playoff game (especially the ones of the last couple of years).

However, it was the wheelchair basketball game that spoke to me the most. Midway through the (Zone 7) Fort St. James versus (Zone 3) Langley game, the wheelchair of Fort St James player Andrew Weeks collided with Langley Gold Rush player Ben Hamilton. Hamilton was gearing to shoot a basket when intercepted by Weeks. Both chairs crashed and Weeks’ chair turned over as he hit the floor. Each respective team rushed to their player to untangle the mess. When neither team could free their player, both teams then worked together as one team to dismantle the chairs, upright Weeks, re-configure each chair and then continue the game.

Watching this unfold, I was struck again about the power of team. Thinking back on all the good that has happened in my life, it has all come down to teams. From sports, family, business, politics and community service being a part of teams has made the difference. I want to thank B.C. Games President Brian Antonson and Vice President Pam Alexis and their dedicated team for organizing a great winter games for the youth of our community and province. When youth can learn the power of team they grow to enjoy success at many levels. As a neighbour and citizen of Mission, thank you to all the volunteers for modelling the power of team this last weekend. Well done Team Mission.


Dave Hensman