LETTER: Where are we supposed to park?

LETTER: Where are we supposed to park?

Wneh the snow falls parked cars are supposed to be off the street

Re:” Plowing roads with cars parked on them”

The density of cars on the streets of Mission is a sign that there are a lot of people living in Mission, not unlike a lot of other districts, municipalities and cities.

While I agree it is a challenge for the district, it does not make any sense to be making this kind of demand. My question is simple: Where do we move our cars to?

The streets are full of vehicles. If we move our cars, do we move them to another crowded street?

This would only create a bigger issue on the other street. And at the same time other neighbours would be moving their cars to your street.

If we knew when the streets would be plowed, I guess that would make some sense, but I’m not sure if there is a schedule the snow plows follow.

I’m sure every other district and city have this very same issue.

And making a statement, “If you don’t move your car, your car’s either going to get covered or the street’s not getting plowed – period” tells me that the district and the mayor are missing the point. They could be coming up with a better way to handle this issue.

I’ve been critical of our mayor in the past (when he first became mayor) and since then I have been impressed with a number of things that the district has been doing, but after this article, I am not so sure.

There must be a better way to solve this street snow-removal issue that is fair to the people of Mission.

Carl Koehler