LETTER: Why are we deciding now?

Perhaps it is prudent to revisit the observatory as a part of the bigger picture.

The arguments on the fate of the building triggers an increased attention among the general public.

The position of Couns. Pam Alexis and Danny Plecas seems to be the most thoughtful at this point. Why are we making decisions before having a park master plan? Aren’t these decisions rushed?

It takes a little effort to demolish, but always more to create.

As an interesting point of reference: Berlin Templehof Airport was built in 1928, closed for flights in 2008 and then re-purposed to host various public events.

This can be a different league but is an example of the remarkable long term approach.

If the building and the site are not hazardous to the public, and this partly corresponds with Coun. Rhett Nicholson’s position, perhaps it is prudent to revisit the subject as a part of the bigger picture.


Jaroslav Chizhov