LETTER: Why is the air curtain burner necessary?

LETTER: Why is the air curtain burner necessary?

Maybe a more environmentally friendly alternative can be utilized

In reference to the Mission record story of December 6, 2019, “Its a Burning Question” here are my comments.

My first question is why is the air curtain burner necessary?

The company that wants to burn all this excess bio mass wood does not appear to have presented a case why a more environmentally friendly alternative can’t be utilized.

For example, why can’t the company bring in a grinder /mulcher machine for the waste wood.

In considering options to dispose of excess bio mass, any type of burning is the least environmentally friendly alternative.

In an age where climate change and air quality is a primary concern why would we not consider the utilizing the environmentally friendly alternative as a first choice.

The location of the burner is also not an effective location.

There is a strong south west wind that sweeps up the Hatzic Valley including Hatzic Lake and Hatzic Bench areas.

A burner that will be burning six days a week is not going to be helpful in managing air quality.

Air pollution is not easily dispersed through a valley, it tends to accumulate.

Air curtain burners do significantly lower particulate matter going into the air compared to open burns but they are not 100 per cent efficient.

Some particulate matter and carbon dioxide gas will still be released into the atmosphere.

As a Mission resident and a property owner at Hatzic Lake it’s an easy decision for me, no burning please. Bring in the grinders and sell the mulch to recover the difference in cost of burning as opposed to mulching.

Ian Mackenzie