LETTER: Yield to oncoming traffic

Drivers need to be more courteous and careful along certain roads

This is for the person driving the large black pick-up truck who failed to stop at the stop sign and yield to on-coming traffic (me and my puppy in the blue sedan) by the Matsqui trails parking lot on April 26th at 3 p.m.

Do you always fail to stop at stop signs? Do you believe that because you drive a large pick-up truck that you can ignore stop signs, attempt to intimidate people and maybe drive them off the road?

I had stopped at my stop sign and yielded to eight people on horseback (who waved and thanked me). I then proceeded to start driving, noticing that you were driving up the little hill. I had the right of way, driving along the road. As I was driving along, you continued turning left, failed to stop at your stop sign and yield to the on-coming traffic – which was me. You continued driving towards me and made a gesture like I was the one who had failed and stop and yield to you.

You, and everyone else (including myself) has to stop and yield to the on-coming traffic. I had already done so and had continued on my way, as you were coming up at the hill and not even at the stop sign.

Everyone, please be courteous and careful when you drive along this road. Please also be sure to stop and yield to oncoming traffic like the sign explains.

Eileen Macdonald