Liberal arts education can be beneficial

We need a population that is able to express themselves and think critically

Editor, The Record:

Re: B.C. Views, NDP plan is to borrow and spend, May 2 edition.

I am responding to the claim that pursuing liberal arts in post-secondary is a bad choice — putting aside the fact that with a degree in any of those areas mentioned (English, education, sociology, women’s studies, journalism) and many others, a student may very well be preparing themselves for a career either directly related to or complimented by those fields of study — note the teachers, lawyers, librarians, etc of our nation — I would argue that pursuing that sort of an education is vital to maintaining a proper democratic society.

We need a population that is able to express themselves and to think critically about the information being presented to them, not to just accept it as truth simply because it has been published.

Not only that, further education grants the potential for higher income earnings later in life, potentially allowing a person to build a higher net worth than their parents and grandparents. Some students from low-income backgrounds depend on government grants to gain access to education. By attacking their grants, we would be limiting access to education to wealthier and wealthier people, and eventually entrenching a socio-economic hierarchy that doesn’t need to exist.

That paragraph attacking university students disgusted me.

Carlisle Kent